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Dinnerware Project

Lynn Mahon resides near St. Helena on a mountainside that has influenced his development as a ceramic artist. Lynn will tell you that throughout his life he has explored his environment, thereby developing his creativity and avenues of expression. He works in mediums that allow him to explore organic forms and shapes, reflecting the environment in which they were created and where they will come to rest.


We find that that shapes and textures of his finished pieces are an unexpected and yet perfect complement to many of our dishes. In the kitchen, when we place food onto the plates he's created exclusively for The Restaurant the effect is magical: part color, part texture, part juxtopositon.


Lynn says his art is intended to transform the daily environment of the viewer to a contemplative and still state, if only momentarily.


He sounds almost like a chef.


The Book

A New Napa Cuisine

We’re proud to announce that the debut cookbook by Chef Christopher Kostow is now available for order on Amazon. Pick up your copy everywhere books are sold.


Gift Certificates

Our new gift certificates are a beautiful thing to give and receive. Gift certificates may be purchased in any denomination or for a particular Restaurant experience. 


Dinnerware Project

Among the talented people we continue to meet in the Napa Valley are a group of amazing artisans working in ceramics. There are several whose work we love. Lynn Mahon is one of our favorites.

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